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    Here are the photos of my bike undergoing its fender eliminator installation.  It was a major pain in the a$$, I suggest going to the TL1000 Owners Club website, and clicking on the CW fender eliminator link in the left frame, under maintenance.  This is a manual for the Competition Werkes kit, I got mine through Lockhart-Phillips and the install was identical ( it's probably the same kit ) There are easier pictures to follow there, then what comes with the kit.

MVC-718F.JPG (75562 bytes)

MVC-719F.JPG (68412 bytes)

MVC-720F.JPG (65215 bytes)

MVC-721F.JPG (79227 bytes)

MVC-722F.JPG (81824 bytes)

MVC-723F.JPG (85248 bytes)

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MVC-726F.JPG (59609 bytes)

MVC-729F.JPG (73482 bytes)

MVC-730F.JPG (80427 bytes)

MVC-733F.JPG (56139 bytes)

MVC-728F.JPG (79673 bytes)

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